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Do the DEC and CIN appeals show public confidence in giving is returning?

The timing of the typhoon that hit the Philippines this month and the subsequent DEC appeal looked like they would make a big dent in the public's support for this year's BBC's Children in Need appeal.

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New Legacy Fundraising Training

We are delighted to announce that we have been asked by NCVO to develop the legacy fundraising element of its online Studyzone training programme. The training is being written by our legacy specialist, Simon George.

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Richer Lives - Why Rich People Give

This new book by Beth Breeze and Theresa Lloyd, published by the DSC, examines what it is that drives the wealthy to make large donations to good causes. What are their motivations and what are their expectations.

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Farewell Catherine

After 22 years of leadership, Catherine Arkley, CEO of Children’s Liver Disease Foundation is leaving her role for pastures new. Involved since the start of the charity, Catherine has built it up from nothing to an organisation that has brought about real change for child liver patients and their families.

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More clients renew their contracts

Recent weeks have seen a raft of clients renewing their contracts with us for 2013. Simon George commented: "It's always very positive when a client renews their contract with us, as it's a real sign of their confidence in our team. Historically, most of our work has been repeat business".

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Funding Feasibility Studies – Don’t raise big funds without one!

I recently came across a charity that has been running a £3 million appeal for new facilities that has now got stuck. It seems things started well, but the appeal has gradually faltered, with only £1 million raised to date and with long delays to the timetable. 

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The Power of Capital Appeals

It is amazing how a capital appeal can galvanise donors into action compared with ongoing revenue appeals. I recently came across a church that is struggling to cover its monthly revenue needs of around £33,000. Despite regular updates and appeals to its members.

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Fire in the Belly

One thing no book or training course can teach fundraisers is passion for the cause. It's the essential ingredient for success and without it no fundraising operation will prosper for long. I recently interviewed an academic about an ambitious appeal he plans to launch.

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Fundraising and Organisational Culture

The influence of organisational culture on fundraising is an issue rarely discussed in our sector. Whether you are raising funds in a major hospital or a small disability charity, the culture in which you operate will to a large extent define how you operate.

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