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Legacy Fundraising Consultancy

  • This year, over £2.85 billion will be left by donors in their wills to UK charitable causes.
  • Average legacies to charity are typically £5,000 for cash sums and £50,000 for shares of estates.
  • With returns on investment of 50:1, legacy fundraising is probably the most cost effective way to raise money.

So are you making the most of this opportunity?

Legacy fundraising is a specialist area. We have particular experience of start-up campaigns and working with small and medium sized charities to develop or renew their strategies. Over the years, we have worked with numerous charities to develop their legacy campaigns and can help you with:

  • Legacy fundraising strategy
  • Identification of target audiences
  • Development of the legacy proposition or case for support
  • Communications plan
  • Legacy focus groups
  • Identification of "legacy champions"
  • Drafting of legacy materials
  • Implementation Support
  • Training / mentoring
  • Monitoring and evaluation of campaigns
  • Fresh thinking for existing campaigns

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    "We used Wootton George to help us rewrite our legacy materials and update our strategy. Simon George was very helpful and easy to work with and we’ve done well with legacies ever since".
    Liz Clarke, Head of Fundraising and Marketing, Calibre Audio Library.

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