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Copywriting for Fundraising

At its heart, fundraising is about communicating needs to donors in ways that inspire them to give. So compelling copy writing – whether for print, websites or social media – is central to achieving your fundraising targets.

We are all bombarded with messages from many sources each day, whether news, entertainment, advertising or social contact. So your fundraising communications need to cut through a lot of noise and stand out in a very crowded space.

Because we are all time poor and make rapid decisions about whether something is worth reading or not, you have to catch your donors’ attention quickly and convert it into a desire to act.

So investing time in creating powerful copy will repay itself in stronger results and more loyal donors, as you showcase your work and reinforce the decision to give.

The most fundamental document to craft is the case for support, which underpins all the fundraising work of your organisation. A strong case document will ensure you are using the best reasons for giving at every opportunity and also maintains the consistency of your messaging.

Once you have an agreed case for support, you can then develop the wider suite of materials you will need to inspire your donors, including:

  • Web copy
  • Fundraising brochures and leaflets
  • Annual report or impact report
  • Project information
  • Social media posts
  • Newsletter articles

  • Copywriting styles vary according to the audiences you are writing for as well as the cause. So a heritage organisation will adopt a different tone from a youth charity, for example.

    Different settings also require a variety of styles. Writing a project description for a trust will be more focussed on the facts and proving the impact with numbers, while copywriting an appeal to individuals will probably use more emotion and human stories.

    In other words, a successful fundraising charity needs to adapt its writing for a range of audiences, as one size definitely does not fit all. But it also needs to achieve this while maintaining its unique voice and organisational tone. This takes real skill and a flair for writing.

    If you need help in drafting or reviewing your fundraising copy, please get in touch today. Our copywriting specialist Rebecca has many years’ experience of writing successful copy for clients and will be glad to support you, whether you need to rewrite your case for support or develop other materials to support your fundraising.

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