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The Quiet Revolution in Fundraising

Amidst all the recent political, economic, social and tech changes that impact fundraising, one issue that has escaped a lot of attention is the increasing trend towards outsourcing in the charity sector.

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Learning from the DEC Ukraine appeal

The appalling war in Ukraine and the terrible suffering of its people have filled our screens, airwaves and social media in recent days. We are all aware of what is happening and few cannot have been moved by the desperate scenes emerging from that country.

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Setting Your Legacy Strategy

With all the recent shocks to fundraising income, charities that have a steady legacy income will be glad they have invested in legacy marketing in previous years. Yet many continue to lose out on legacies because they have never got round to developing a proper legacy strategy.

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Thriving on Chaos - Inspiration for 2022?

As we start another fundraising year, I am reminded of a challenging book by Tom Peters, entitled “Thriving on Chaos”. Published in 1987, the main thrust of the book was that our economies and societies are increasingly becoming chaotic

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Donor Surveys

If you are looking for new ideas to engage with your donors and prospects in 2022, then why not ask them directly? Surveying your supporters is a great way to learn about why they give and how to increase your results.

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Due Diligence is Coming

With recent controversy involving questionable donations to a royal charity, to the Tory party and to the London Science Museum, it is clear that the public increasingly expects openness and transparency from recipients.

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Creating a Fundraising Culture

Last month we looked at the impact of organisational culture on fundraising, In this article, we look at how a charity can foster a culture that will maximise its fundraising potential.

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Does your charity have a Fundraising Culture?

When we carry out reviews of fundraising operations, one issue we investigate is the extent to which a fundraising culture has been developed in a charity...

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Covering Core Costs

For many charities, covering core costs is a constant challenge, so what are the ways in which fundraising charities can tackle this successfully?

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