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Creating a Fundraising Culture

Last month we looked at the impact of organisational culture on fundraising, In this article, we look at how a charity can foster a culture that will maximise its fundraising potential.

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Does your charity have a Fundraising Culture?

When we carry out reviews of fundraising operations, one issue we investigate is the extent to which a fundraising culture has been developed in a charity...

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Covering Core Costs

For many charities, covering core costs is a constant challenge, so what are the ways in which fundraising charities can tackle this successfully?

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Your Case for Support – Get it Right or Lose Out

With competition for funds arguably at an all time high and with a tough environment for fundraising, getting your case for support right could not be more important.

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How to Find the Right Consultant for your Charity

Finding the right consultant, especially for the first time, can be a challenging task. There are, after all, many companies and individuals out there selling advice and consultancy services...

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Do your homework before you commit to a big target

When the demand for your charity’s services is growing, it is tempting to set ambitious goals for growth without always doing the reality check first of whether they are achievable or not.

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Growing Your Contact Network

In fundraising, we know “people give to people” and that developing strong contact networks is key to building future income.

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Making your database work for you

So often we hear complaints about fundraising databases, that they will not do what fundraisers need and that fundraising is being hampered as a result. It’s easy to blame the database...

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The Value of Benchmarking

Benchmarking your charity’s fundraising performance against peer organisations can tell you a lot about how you (and your competitors) are doing...

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