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Major appeals - do your homework first

The secret of raising a large amount of money, whether it be a capital appeal or a major revenue campaign, lies in the preparation. Appeals that fail usually do so because someone did not do their homework.

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Heritage Lottery Funding – an opportunity for your charity?

There is no doubt that 2019 has been an interesting year for the funder previously known as the Heritage Lottery Fund. With a change of name and a simplified funding portfolio, this major funder is worth exploring...

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What digital fundraising issues are worth focusing on?

Summer's over and the final quarter of fundraising is already underway. Howard Lake of UK Fundraising looks at which elements of digital fundraising are worth focusing on.

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Major Gift Fundraising - Where to Start?

Quite simply, major gift fundraising is helping a wealthy person make their giving decision as easy and as informed as possible. When assessing the potential for major donor fundraising there are 3 key things to consider...

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An Introduction to Corporate Fundraising - timing, audience, relevance, synergy!

This article will set out some thoughts on Corporate Fundraising. How charities can benefit from working with companies varies tremendously and has very much changed over the years... 

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How to Plan and Run a Capital Appeal

If you are thinking about launching a capital campaign, there are a number of key factors to consider as you plan your next steps.

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Managing Fundraising Risk

Fundraising can be a risky business and so it is important for fundraisers and trustees to be aware of these and take action to mitigate them. So what are the key risks and what can be done about them?

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Demystifying Legacy Fundraising

With such high average values, a fantastic ratio of return and with most gifts left as general funds, it is not hard to see why charities should be interested in legacies. But for many organisations, legacy fundraising is a mysterious art. Charities recognise the opportunity but...
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Trusts Research – Finding new Funders

Assuming you have already addressed the other factors that determine your success in raising funds from trusts (such as the strength of your case for support, the presentation of your financial information, the quality of your stewardship etc), you are in a position to widen your pool of funders.

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