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Building a Powerful Case for Support

In today's competitive fundraising environment, what sets you apart from other charities? Is it your long track record, your effective work, your base or some other factor. One way to convey your appeal to donors and funders is by developing a really strong case for support.

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How to Develop a Strategy for Legacies

With legacies such an important income stream for many charities, it is amazing how many organisations underperform in this area or make little effort to attract support. Yet designing and implementing an effective legacy strategy need not be difficult and will repay it self many times over in the future. So where do you start?
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How to Cover Core Costs

The issue of how to cover your core costs is a thorny one that has challenged many organisations in recent years. It is hard enough to raise project costs, let alone core costs, so what are the ways in which fundraising charities can tackle this successfully?

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Creating an Effective Fundraising Strategy

"Fail to plan = plan to fail". This applies especially to fundraising, where the sustainability of an organisation depends not on short term actions, but on a planned and sustained effort to maximise funding opportunities over time.

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Funding feasibility studies – when do you need one?

Before launching a major appeal, it is common practice to reduce risk by firstly determining if a successful appeal is actually possible or not. The standard approach is to conduct a funding feasibility study to answer some key questions before a final decision is made

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Fundraising Contracts – what to include?

Charities taking on freelance fundraisers or using fundraising consultants are required by law to have a written contract in place. This need not be lengthy but does need to cover some basics and now must also take into account the needs of vulnerable donors. So what should you include?
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20 miles for 20 years

Here at Wootton George Consulting we are looking back on our first 20 years. In that time, we have worked with several hundred charities and good causes and, we hope, have made a difference to the lives of thousands. Over these 20 years we've been privileged to see countless charities grow in their work with our support.
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How to Find the Right Consultant for Your Charity

Finding the right consultant, especially for the first time, can be a challenging task. There are, after all, many companies and individuals out there selling advice and consultancy services. Most specialise in specific types of work, or in types of charity or causal areas. So how to find the right one to meet your needs?

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Making the Most of Your Next Anniversary

Charities have long used anniversaries as an excuse for celebrations and publicity and why not? It can be a good excuse to make a splash and raise some money on the back of it. However, to make the most of it, you need to do more than just announce that you have existed for 10 years, 50 years or whatever.

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