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Managing Fundraising Risk

Fundraising can be a risky business and so it is important for fundraisers and trustees to be aware of these and take action to mitigate them. So what are the key risks and what can be done about them?

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Demystifying Legacy Fundraising

With such high average values, a fantastic ratio of return and with most gifts left as general funds, it is not hard to see why charities should be interested in legacies. But for many organisations, legacy fundraising is a mysterious art. Charities recognise the opportunity but...
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Trusts Research – Finding new Funders

Assuming you have already addressed the other factors that determine your success in raising funds from trusts (such as the strength of your case for support, the presentation of your financial information, the quality of your stewardship etc), you are in a position to widen your pool of funders.

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Increasing your trust income in 2019

If your charity relies on trusts and foundations for some of its income, you will certainly be thinking how you can grow this source of funds in 2019. A common request we get is to help identify new prospects for clients and sometimes this is the right solution. However, it really is worth thinking through the other factors that drive your trust income

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Making the Most of Project Evaluations

Every charity believes its work is important and is making an impact, but how do you know and how can you prove it? One way is to conduct an evaluation of your project, in order to build evidence about the value of your work and the way it is changing lives for the better.

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Big Lottery Update

The BIG Lottery Fund's announcement of a change of name for next year to the National Lottery Community Fund is only the most obvious and recent change to this important funder. Much else has also changed in recent months that applicants need to be aware of, as our Lottery specialist Claire Greenhalgh explains.

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Time for a Fundraising Review?

How effective is your fundraising and are you making the most of your opportunities? Are there gaps which you are not yet covering, or are there current activities where you know you could do better? It is worth standing back every few years and taking a good look at your fundraising operation, to see if you are still optimising your income.
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Building a Powerful Case for Support

In today's competitive fundraising environment, what sets you apart from other charities? Is it your long track record, your effective work, your base or some other factor. One way to convey your appeal to donors and funders is by developing a really strong case for support.

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How to Develop a Strategy for Legacies

With legacies such an important income stream for many charities, it is amazing how many organisations underperform in this area or make little effort to attract support. Yet designing and implementing an effective legacy strategy need not be difficult and will repay it self many times over in the future. So where do you start?
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