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Legacies and DM Appeals

So a DM agency has identified that adding a legacy info tick box to direct mail appeals reduces the cash response rate (3rd Sector magazine 16th March). Big deal!

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Corporates want their pound of flesh

At a recent CSR presentation by a UK bank, I was struck by the highly commercial attitude this company is taking to its community involvement.

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Outsourcing - a growing trend?

The trend to outsourcing among UK voluntary organisations continues apace, but why is this? Firstly, there is often a major cost saving. Not only can a salary be saved, but the add-on costs such as tax, pension and administration can also be avoided.

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Troubling Time for Trust Fundraisers

As if the current recession was not tough enough already for trust fundraisers, the threat to the Lloyds TSB Foundations and the announced winding up of the J. Paul Getty Jr. Charitable Trust sound an altogether more worrying note for charities that rely on trusts.

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Toby and the Tithers

The news that Oxford academic Toby Ord has pledged to give away £1 million during his lifetime - and is encouraging others to pledge 10% of their income to charity - made the national news recently.

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Putting all your eggs in one basket...

Now I'm not one of those who sees the government (of whatever colour) as the Devil incarnate, but recent warnings about the risks of government funding cuts for charities do make me think 'I told you so.'

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