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Fundraising Services

Fundraising is an increasingly specialised activity and few organisations now have the expertise and capacity to exploit every option.

For this reason, we have built a team of experienced fundraisers to help you raise funds, whether from individuals, charitable trusts, companies, the national lottery or from statutory funders. We have a long track record of delivery, as our clients can testify.

Whether you need specialist advice to start a fundraising programme or whether you require hands-on help, our team can provide support, either in the form of a short term assignment, or as ongoing help.

Please select the area you are interested in from the menu, and do contact us today for a free discussion of your fundraising needs.

National Lottery Bids

Funding from National Lottery boards is an excellent fundraising opportunity for many charities.

Although lottery programmes change from time to time, there is usually a fund available for most organisations to apply for, whether multi-year revenue funding or one-off capital funds.

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Charitable Trust Fundraising

Trust fundraising in the UK is an increasingly competitive area.

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Charity Bid Writing

Writing successful funding bids to charitable trusts, the National Lottery or government sources requires both time and experience, yet is one of the most cost effective ways of raising money, with a good ratio of return.

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Capital Appeals Consultancy

Raising significant sums for capital appeals is a major undertaking and is a very different proposition from revenue and project fundraising.

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Church Capital Building Appeals

In order to raise significant funds there are some important matters to take into account.

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Donor Research

Accurate donor or prospect research is a key component of good fundraising.

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Individual Giving Consultancy

Individual donors can support your organisation in many different ways, whether by responding to an appeal, through regular giving, by making a major gift or leaving a legacy to your cause.

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Legacy Fundraising Consultancy

This year, over £3.4 billion will be left by donors in their wills to UK charitable causes. Are you making the most of this opportunity?

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Corporate Fundraising Consultancy

Corporate fundraising offers rich opportunities for certain charities and not-for-profit organisations, as companies are sometimes able to support your cause in a range of different ways.

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Major Gifts Fundraising Consultancy

The millionaire on your doorstep ~ the millionaire on your database. Do you know who these are? And if so, do you know how to engage with them effectively?

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Social Enterprise, Social Business

Today some voluntary organisations are earning valuable funds by developing social enterprises and earning income via fees and charges.

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Fundraising Mentoring

If your fundraiser lacks experience in particular fundraising techniques, have you considered mentoring support as a means of developing their skills?

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Digital Fundraising

Online fundraising is now a discipline in its own right. For success you need an understanding of fundraising, plus communications, digital commerce, social networking and online behaviour.

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Copywriting for Fundraising

At its heart, fundraising is about communicating needs to donors in ways that inspire them to give. So compelling copy writing – whether for print, websites or social media – is central to achieving your fundraising targets.

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