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Our Policies

We have developed the following policies to govern our work. Please feel free to browse them.

Best Practice Statement

We are committed to providing a high quality service and only take on client work when the following criteria are satisfied; we have the required skills and relevant experience, a consultant has the time required to carry out the task to the highest level of quality, and we believe there is a high chance of success.

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Reducing our carbon footprint

Since the company was established in 1998, we have developed ways of working, which seek to limit our impact on the environment and to promote sustainability. Our latest initiative is to plant a tree for every new contract we win, as a means of neutralizing the impact of the work we do.

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Ethical Policy

Wootton George Consulting Ltd is an innovative consultancy working exclusively with not-for-profit organisations. As a company run by voluntary sector professionals, we share the values of the sector.

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Information Notice

This information notice tells you what to expect when Wootton George Consulting Ltd collects personal information. It also serves as a description of our policy in this area, setting out why and how we process data relating to individuals, in order to comply with data protection legislation.

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