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Disability Fundraising

There are many thousands of charities in the UK working to support and empower disabled people, ranging from large, national organisations to small, local charities. Some of them struggle to raise funds and find it hard to compete with other causes.

Many of these organisations have historically relied on national or local government funding, although in recent years, this has in many cases been reduced, forcing recipient charities to diversify their income sources into new areas.

Today, disability fundraising typically covers the following areas:

  • Community fundraising
  • Individual giving
  • Legacy fundraising
  • Corporate fundraising
  • Major donor fundraising
  • Trust fundraising
  • Major capital campaigns across multiple sectors
  • Commissioning
  • National lottery fundraising
  • Social Enterprise
We have many years' experience of working with a wide range of disability organisations with their fundraising at a local, regional and national level. The typical services that we can deliver include: 

  • Fundraising audits or reviews (to identify the best opportunities and know where to invest)
  • Fundraising strategy development (to set out how best to exploit the opportunities)
  • Campaign planning support (e.g. to design a legacy campaign)
  • Social enterprise planning (to explore opportunities to generate new income through selling services)
  • Prospect research (e.g. screening of a database to identify potential major donors, or in-depth profiling of individual prospects)
  • Development of specific areas of fundraising (e.g. help to establish a trust fundraising or corporate programme)
  • Website and new media fundraising development
  • Provision of hands-on support via our Fundraising Placements service

Disability fundraising has its own challenges with which we are very familiar. However, we know that it is usually possible with some planning and investment to diversify income sources and increase support.

Examples of our past disability fundraising clients include Calibre Audio Library, Action on Hearing Loss, Warwickshire Association for the Blind and the Hafad (now Action on Disability).

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