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Social Enterprise, Social Business

Today some voluntary organisations are earning valuable funds by developing social enterprises and earning income via fees and charges.

As well as helping to diversify funding and increase independence, social enterprise activity also generates core income, which can be spent as required, with no conditions imposed by funders.

Although charities and other not-for-profit organisations have in some cases been earning income for decades, social enterprise has recently generated more interest, not least because there are now grants and loans available to support its development.

If you believe your organisation may have the potential to earn income and to develop into a social enterprise, here is how we can help:

  • Feasibility studies - we can help you assess whether your idea is viable and advise on the way forward
  • Business plans - if you have a sound proposition, we can help develop a solid business plan, against which you can raise capital or, if necessary, take on a loan
  • Bid writing - we can help you apply for funding for your social enterprise idea, whether you are seeking a grant or a loan

Past clients have been able to earn income through a wide range of activities, such as selling training, meeting space, consultancy, Big Issue sales, advertising and many more.

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