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Celebrating 20 Years in Fundraising Consultancy

Both experienced fundraisers, Gill and Simon had started their fundraising careers raising funds for a range of charities in the 1980's and 1990's. Having met via the Institute of Fundraising, they set up the company to help those charities that needed external advice and support to grow their income.

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Disputed Legacies and Compliance

With all the fundraising regulatory changes this year and the increased focus on compliance, charities are rightly thinking about the legal use of data, including how long they should keep donor’s details on file, especially in relation to “lapsed” donors.

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Latest Legacy Stats – are you getting your share?

The latest figures on UK legacy income from Legacy Foresight show an encouraging picture, with a total income in 2015 of £2.56 billion, representing 13% of all voluntary income to charities.

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Gill Wootton MInstF, 1948-2016

We are sorry to announce the death of one of our founders and former directors.

Gill Wootton. Gill, who died on November 10th 2016, was a life-long fundraiser, with a passion for good causes.

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Brexit – Dealing with the Fallout

So it's goodbye to Brussels, but what are the implications for fundraising now? Impacts on charities will vary, depending on how they raise their money. However, if the Remain campaign's predictions are accurate, they will be dramatic and far reaching.


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Are your accounts letting you down?

In recent weeks, we have seen several clients struggling to raise funds from grant makers because of issues in their accounts. These have included high reserves, high operating costs and deficits. These can be killer issues for many funders, So what can you do?

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Hospice Online Legacy Fundraising - Could do Better

A recent review of the legacy pages of 25 hospices has not been an inspiring experience. Hospices do well for legacies (as you might expect) but visiting many of their websites makes you wonder.

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Will the budget impact on legacy income?

In his budget statement, the Chancellor announced an increase in the level of inheritance tax allowance of £175,000 per person, to add to the current £325,000 allowance..
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Innovative Legacy Promotion

It is well known that many charities receive a large proportion of legacies from people they have no relationship with (often 50%). What drives this and how to reach these people are always key issues when developing a legacy strategy.

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