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Our woodland is taking shape!

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we support the charity Climate Stewards, which works to combat global warming by educating people in the West about greener lifestyles

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MBE is well deserved

Congratulations to Sue Lidington, Chair of trustees of Side by Side Theatre Company, a Wootton George client, on her recent MBE. Sue set up the charity in the 1990’s for people with learning difficulties

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Corporate mags give great free coverage

In my post today was This Way magazine. It’s the publication of Toyota GB, sent to Toyota owners and inside is an excellent article about ShelterBox, the disaster relief charity.

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New Clients

We are delighted to welcome the following new clients - Lucy Air Ambulance, Cancer Relief UK, Birmingham Settlement and Futures Unlocked.

We look forward to working with them and making a difference!

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Do you know which harbour you are heading for?

As Seneca wrote, if you don't know which harbour you are heading for, no wind is the right wind. He probably didn't have fundraising in mind, but his quotation is strangely relevant to charity business planning today.

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Donor Recognition Pays

On holiday in Devon recently, I visited the famous Donkey Sanctuary. Two things struck me. Firstly, entry was free - a great way to attract new donors from around the country. Secondly, on the walls around the site were huge boards naming their legacy donors, year by year.

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Fundraising Interns - Good Experience or Exploitation?

Tesco and some other big retailers recently came under fire for not paying young people on work experience schemes, yet this is exactly how some well-known charities behave when they take on unpaid interns.

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Creating a Legacy Culture

Legacy marketing can be a bit "us" and "them" can't it? We the charity ask them the supporters for a donation, using marketing techniques to overlay and crunch the data. We segment and target prospects that match the best profiles to give.

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Mind your language!

Last month at the IoF West Midlands conference, Liz Loudon brought a useful reminder of the importance of effective language in fundraising. In an excellent presentation, she gave valuable tips on making an impact with appeal writing.

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