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Outsourcing - a growing trend?

The trend to outsourcing among UK voluntary organisations continues apace, but why is this?

Firstly, there is often a major cost saving. Not only can a salary be saved, but the add-on costs such as tax, pension and administration can also be avoided.

Secondly, managers are recognising that it is not always necessary to employ full time staff to carry out functions which could be done as effectively by part-time or outsourced staff and so are seeking alternatives.

Thirdly, the shortage of certain skills makes outsourcing an attractive proposition - especially if you have tried and failed to recruit someone with the right skills or level of experience.

Fourthly, the lower risks of outsourcing compared to employment also make it attractive for some. For example, when outsourcing, you are not responsible for sick pay, holiday pay, pensions, maternity cover etc. It is also much easier to get rid of a poor performer if there is a service contract, rather than an employment contract.

Finally, outsourcing can be a way of accessing the required skills quickly, without waiting for someone to work a notice period and perhaps relocate to join your organisation.

No wonder then that charities are today outsourcing a wide range of functions, including IT, HR, design services and of course fundraising. In fact the trend towards outsourcing fundraising has been one of the biggest changes in the field in recent years, partly due to skill shortages in key areas, such as trusts, corporate fundraising, individual giving, legacies and - more recently - new media.

Of course, before you proceed it is important to be clear about what you need and about why outsourcing is the logical option. It is also vital make sure that you have a proper contract in place.

Do contact us if you would like to talk through the issue of outsourcing any of your fundraising function.

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