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Maximising Your Case for Support


In these challenging times, it is easy to be distracted by the disruption to fundraising that has impacted most charities, whether this is home working, the furloughing or redundancy of staff or radical changes in how funds are being raised. At such times, we could all be forgiven for forgetting the basics of our trade. But arguably, it is now more important than ever to ensure you are making the very best case for support. Why is this?

Increased Competition

Firstly, as certain income streams (such as events or community fundraising) have all but dried up for many charities, they will be relying even more on other forms of fundraising, which means competition in those areas has increased. So you need to ensure you stand out from the crowd as a cause that really deserves support.


Secondly, the pandemic has brought certain types of cause (such as foodbanks) to the fore, meaning that others (and especially those that cannot demonstrate the impact of the virus on their beneficiaries) have had to work even harder than before to make their needs stand out.

Donor Sentiment

Thirdly, a lot of donors have been adversely impacted by the crisis. Even if they have not lost their jobs, many are feeling cautious about spending their cash, so charities are having to work harder to encourage them to give. For all these reasons it is vital to make the strongest case you can for supporting your charity.

So the question is, when did you last revisit your case for support and is it still up to the task in the current climate? Are there things you can add to it or highlight more than before in relation to the current situation?

Donors Have a Choice

Remember that donors are less interested in your charity and how it is faring than they are in your beneficiaries and their needs. From their perspective, your charity is just a channel for their giving. Bear in mind too that “your” donors probably also support several other charities, so you cannot take them for granted or assume they will continue to support you as before. Donors have a choice and do not have to give to your charity (or in fact at all). So your case for support needs to set out as convincingly as possible why their giving is so important and what impact it will make if they entrust their donations to your charity. You cannot take them for granted!

Review Your Case Regularly

So the consequence is that every charity should be reviewing its case for support regularly and especially in the light of major changes (such as the current pandemic). While this may not appear urgent (compared for example to applying for emergency funding), it is nevertheless a vital task that may make the difference between success and failure now and in the future. At the very least, the case for support should be reviewed on an annual basis.

Free Case Review

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