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Celebrating 15 Years!

It’s hard to believe it, but we are about to celebrate our 15th anniversary of helping UK charities develop strategies and raise the funds to pay for them.

Things have changed a lot since 1998 when we a started, both in the world of fundraising and in our business. Fundraising has changed almost beyond recognition, with the development of the internet as a powerful force in donor acquisition and development. As well as social media, we now see cloud fundraising as an emerging trend – something unheard of back in 1998.

Is this a better fundraising environment? Certainly it is tougher, with more organisations chasing fewer funds, but there does seem to be more room for creativity. Some things have not changed of course, including the need to plan properly and to make sure your case for support is as strong as you can make it. Competition has always been with us and always will be, so every charity still needs to get the basics right.

Here at Wootton George Consulting, things have moved on a lot too. We started with two people (Gill Wootton and Simon George) and today we are a team of 21, with a wide range of specialisms and over 300 years of experience between us. Our clients have not changed so much, however. We continue to serve a wide mix of organisations across a broad spectrum of causes. It’s thanks to them that we are still here serving the sector.

We have been privileged to work with some fantastic organisations, doing amazing work. On several occasions, we were able to rescue charities that were about to go under. Sadly, we have lost count of how much money we have raised (now that would have been interesting to know!).

Our gratitude goes to those clients who have been with us for many years (the oldest now since 1999). Thank you all and we hope still to be here serving you in another 15 years!

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