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Fundraising Reviews

How effective is your fundraising? Are you making the most of your opportunities? A fundraising review (also known as a fundraising health check or audit) takes an impartial look at your fundraising activities and helps to identify new areas of opportunity for your charity, as well as any areas of weakness to address.

A fundraising review also looks at whether your results are within sector norms and whether your current structures are fit for purpose. Findings and recommendations are then provided in an action orientated report.

This service is especially useful if you need to review your fundraising strategy and need objective external input. Clients also benefit from our wide experience of what other organisations are achieving. The service is particularly relevant where the client's senior management has been in post for a long period of time and needs an independent view of activities, or where there is a need to take a fresh look and bring in some new ideas.

One important area we look at in a fundraising review is the balance in the fundraising mix, in other words what proportion of income is coming from which sources and whether a charity is over dependent or exposed to too few income streams. Within this, we then look at performance in each area and consider the wider trends in the market, to establish whether future investment should be increased, maintained or scaled down for each. We also take into account benchmarks for each discipline, to identify whether your fundraising operations are hitting the mark or not.

A fundraising review also looks at your capacity for fundraising, as well as your fundraising materials (both traditional and digital). Are they up to scratch for the job you need them to do? How could they be improved and what would this take (and cost)? Does your team have all the skills and experience required or should you be investing in training or in new people to get you to where you want to be? The answers to questions such as these give you a valuable steer in determining your future of your fundraising.

If you think a fundraising review could help you to move forward, please call us on 01785 663600 for a free discussion. It might just be the investment you need.

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