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The charity Support After Murder and Manslaughter works with many of the families left behind when a relative has been illegally killed in the UK, with support and a listening ear provided by people who have experienced similar tragedies themselves. Understandably, its work is highly valued by the families affected.

Like many small charities, however, SAMM had depended on government funding for many years to deliver its support, until the recession bit and state funding was cut. This threatened the future of the charity and we were asked to help diversify income and find new sources to replace what had been lost.

Over a period of a year, we worked with SAMM to advise on the development of new income streams, including charitable trusts and new forms of individual giving. We provided support in applying for what state funding was still available and - crucially - we helped to draft a major bid to the BIG Lottery Fund for just under £300,000 which was successful.

Over the next few years, SAMM will continue to grow other income streams, so that it is never again over-dependent on one source of income, but its future is now secure and it can plan ahead in confidence that its services are no longer at risk. In the meantime, SAMM has retained us to continue raising funds in its behalf.

National Co-ordinator, Heather Landsberg, said: "We are so grateful to the team at Wootton George, as without them we would not be here! In particular, our thanks to Claire who helped us win the lottery! Now we can focus on the real work of helping bereaved relatives, knowing that our charity and its work are secure."

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