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Life Education Centres West Midlands

LEC WM is a regional charity based in Birmingham, specialising in delivering health and drug education to primary school children, their parents and carers.

We were asked to help develop revenue support from trusts and foundations, in order to broaden LEC's income stream, generate core funding and reduce the pressure on existing income from local government bodies and schools. The charity also had a number of projects ripe for development, but which needed additional funding to turn them into actions.

After establishing new recording systems for monitoring and researching trusts and foundations, we went on to develop a 3-year fundraising strategy. We were then retained further to develop a bid to the Parenting Fund, resulting in a grant of just under £100,000. The following year we prepared a second bid, resulting in a second grant of over £170,000. This is in addition to income from trusts of around £165,000 to date, making £435,000 in total. This funding was raised by our consultant Maxine Barlow.

Our work at LEC ended in2011 when the charity took on the fundraising itself.

Manager, Sybille Finnegan says: "Wootton George Consulting provided a very professional and adaptable service, where concrete results have had a major impact on the direction of our work."

Wootton George Director Simon George says: "This is a good example of a Fundraising Placement that worked really well for a client, developing its fundraising to the point where the charity was able to take it on itself. It also delivered excellent value for money for LEC."

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