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In 2010, we were appointed by Elatt, a charity in Hackney which provides training and support in basic skills, computer technology, volunteering and employability, to help it diversify its income streams away from statutory funding.

The work consisted of three phases. Firstly, we conducted research to identify potential donors among trusts and foundations, as well as the National Lottery. Secondly, we drafted a new case for support, setting out why Elatt deserved to be funded. Finally, we prepared a range of applications for signature by the charity and supported the preparation of a major bid to the Big Lottery Fund.

In 2011, the trusts work resulted in grants worth £76,000 over three years, followed by a lottery grant of £288,000, making £364,000 raised in total.

The fundraising costs were just over 6%, giving a return on investment for Elatt of over 16:1 (in other words, over £16 raised for every £1 spent by the charity).

Chief Executive of Elatt, Anthony Harmer, said: "Wootton George Consulting's knowledge and experience was a vital element in helping us develop and present new projects to attract the interest of trusts and foundations. The success of this strategy has already taken us to a position of greater flexibility in meeting our beneficiaries' needs, as well as a greater financial resilience."

Our Director, Simon George, said: "It's great to see such a fantastic result from what was quite a challenging assignment. Elatt was mainly funded from statutory sources and so has made a good start to its income diversification, which augers well for the future."

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