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Capital Appeal Feasibility Study

Adelaide House, an approved premise for female offenders and a registered charity run under the auspices of the Anglican Diocese of Liverpool, commissioned us to carry out a funding feasibility study into the potential to raise £3 million for a new facility.

This award winning charity, established nearly two hundred years ago, has been so successful in recent years in helping female offenders to turn their lives around that the trustees wanted to see if they could raise a capital sum to create a brand new, purpose built facility alongside their existing premises, in order to double capacity and thereby help more women.

Before embarking on a major appeal, which the charity had not done before, the trustees were keen to identify the key issues facing them and, in particular, whether it was likely that they could attract the level of funding they would need. We were therefore commissioned to conduct a funding feasibility study to answer the many questions they faced.

This work was led by our Director Simon George, supported by our researcher Robin Jones and by Clare Thomas, our capital appeals specialist. The study looked both internally at the charity’s fitness to fundraise, as well as exploring its external networks and ability to attract support from a wide range of fields. A long series of interviews was help with both internal and external stakeholders. Research was also conducted into potential funding sources.

The output of the study was a detailed written report for the trustees, with recommendations for them to consider. The report was well received and has enabled the charity to make decisions relating to its appeal and the next steps. A key issue has been the availability of a lead gift, which was flagged up in the report as requiring particular attention. The trustees are now focussing on this and hoping to make further progress in the near future.

For further information about funding feasibility studies, please contact our Director Simon George on 01785 663600.

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