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Fundraising Review

MAF is a pioneering and unique charity - flying medical help, food aid, medical supplies and church workers to people living in remote and inhospitable places in the developing world. It flights provide a life-line to some of the poorest people on the planet and covers the cost of its work by fundraising from individuals, companies and trusts, as well as making modest charges to other NGO's for its services.

In planning the future growth of the work, MAF's trustees wanted to ensure that the charity was maximising all its opportunities to raise funds and invited us to conduct a review, to identify how its fundraising could be strengthened.

This was a broad assignment, covering a wide range of aspects, including donor recruitment and development, database fundraising (including data protection), new media, trust fundraising, legacies, company giving and public relations.

To deliver such a wide ranging review, we put together a team of four consultants, each with their own specialisms. Working with MAF staff, we reviewed each area and provided a written report presenting our findings, with recommendations. We were engaged at every step of the feedback process and made a final presentation of our findings to all staff and also discussed these in detail with the senior management team. Following the main assignment, part of the team was invited to help MAF develop the work further in some specific areas.

Simon George, a Wootton George Director said: "MAF is a remarkable charity and it was a privilege to work with their people on this assignment. We think they have some real opportunities and believe we have helped them to identify the way forward in developing them."

MAF's Chief Executive Ruth Whitaker said: "MAF has benefited greatly from the review carried out by Wootton George Consulting, which identified opportunities to help with current needs and recommendations to help reach future goals. The consultants engaged well with our team and kept us well informed through each stage of the review.

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